Ascension Unity Mission



Coming Together

Many Light Workers feel that they are going it alone or have limited support; are not connected to a larger network where they can share their information, gifts and visions for the Aquarian Age. You are welcome and invited to join with many others who can speak openly about their experiences, shifts in consciousness and vision of life on this planet, while helping others acclimate to the new energies.

A very wise teacher said, we are here to be,”Fully Enlightened Human Beings, while still in the Physical Body. When that state is achieved, your work can truly begin.”. By coming together we create a synergy not only for ourselves, but for the whole planetary system. Gaia is going through many of the same tribulations as we are since our consciousness affects her directly. Our collective intentions of goodwill and Light will help bring about this beautiful expansion of human consciousness.

“For the Greatest Good of All”

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Since 2012, I experienced a number of feelings, something impending, more of a trepidation of the unexpected, but not of doom, but still a somewhat nervous internal uneasiness. The 11:11 was strongly showing up in my environment and I did some research that year around the shift in consciousness that we were all having on some level or another, even for those that were not seeing this message. Many changes had already occurred since the 1987 Harmonic Convergence, but this was something that was clearly standing out in my awareness. After I understood that the number 11 is the number of Illumination, a sense of Joy and delight filled me. It was like a little boost in my mood and all the earlier feelings of uneasiness were transformed into a new paradigm of understanding.

Paradigm shifts by their very nature, pose that we must make a change in your thinking, belief system and sometimes the need to revamp those core ideas of what we believe to be true on many levels. Change for many can be unnerving and throw them into a spin, which is not what most of us humans prefer our lives to be like. Often this shift in consciousness is more of an inclusive expansion that does not negate the previous concept, but incorporates it into a larger more complete knowing. Other times it is a rocking epiphany and a new Light comes on with that expanded awareness. When the shift happens and is assimilated into our daily lives those earlier anxieties fall away. We sort of re-straighten ourselves and this new way of being become comforting and familiar.

As sentient beings, we have had our share of paradigm shifts and are keenly aware that many more are heading our way. By connecting, we can compassionatly supprt, learn and grow together during this transitional time of the Aquarian Age. What we do to prepare ourselves during the next thirty years or so will be a legacy we will all enjoy; since when we return these are preparations made for ourselves and for the greatest good of All.

In Light,