Healing With Intention

Thoughts are real things; prayers and meditations are real things and all generate quantum energy. As humans we are great at creating and transmitting this healing energy to others. Our Higher Selves assist us in magnetically connecting to the greater Universal stream of life energy and our thoughts transmit this healing power to those we send it too. The more people that gather together in this process, the greater the energy curve that is generated the more impact on the recipient(s). In times when you can not be physically together there are computers, phones and other connections that can still function as the collective builder of the healing energetic. A pre-arranged date and time, with a clear understanding as to the focus of intention will also be effective especially when time zones are synchronized. I have done this before several times within and without North America keeping in mind others AM and PM is only considerate.

Identify too whom or where you are sending the healing, a full name (logos), picture, location if possible or some information the healers can focus their collective thoughts on. They will try to send this to the recipient as a group. Yes, even as individuals sending at different times the vibration will get there regardless of a coordinated effort, but the impact will not have the same synergy. I really try to get permission from the individual(s) when doing this work, but sometimes it is not possible. Parents of infants or small children, family or guardians of the incapacitated person are a few of the situations that can pose barriers. With that said, it is also important the recipient be open to the process for it to be the most effective. Animals have no barriers and therefor receive energies fluidly. If there is resistance to receiving loving, healing energy for whatever reason, the energy could be deflected or blocked by the recipient, which is perfectly their right. You might ask why would it not work even if the person is willing to receive these gifts? Karmic issues may be a factor, the receiver’s inner psyche, subconscious, or some part of their personal belief system is creating a block. Starting with permission is always recommended, but the above may still come into play. Completing these transmission sessions with, “For the Greatest Good of All”, is also excellent.

As sentient beings that have compassion, caring and love for our fellow travelers it is upon us to create as many opportunities as we can to raise the energetic of human kind and the planet by forming groups to do this work together. The timbre of the group should carry feelings of joy, beauty and uplifting energies with the healing message to the recipient. It is not a time to project a sombre, quiet, introspection while looking down, but a celebration of a higher vibration that will raise the persons energetic to a place of healing. A focused joyfulness and a celebration of higher frequences being sent will allow your Higher Self to bring forth much greater Light to where it is needed. We are magnetizing this Light through ourselves too the recipient, but we are not the Source. We contain a piece of the Source, which allows us to be the conveyors of higher energies through our conduits of Heart and consciousness. Every soul has the capability to do incredible things; they just need to allow themselves to do them. Being of Service is a privilege, which brings Grace to our beings and those we serve.

Our efforts are needed now by so many in the world! Send the Light you can and make connections with others that can share in the efforts to raise the energetic curve. Humanity is crying out and this is their permission for us to act. “For the Greatest Good of All.”


Published by kenneth1954

Born May 22, 1954 in Anchorage, Alaska. Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Boise State University 1978 and later with a Masters Degree in Art Therapy from Southwestern College, Santa Fe in 1995. I've worked in a number of communities in private and public mental health. After, retiring from the Idaho Department of Health & Wellfare in 2019. Currently, working as the CEO of Ascension Unity Movement in building a global community that will bring together philanthropists to support Health, Human Rights, Environmental Justice and Indigenous Wisdom. To promote wellbeing through compassionate action using sustainable and resilient methods.

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