Equinox Cycle 12-21-2012

All numerological cycles flow like a wave with an up cycle of 9 years and a down cycle of 9 years. This is not to be viewed as a polarized flow, but in a natural seasonal movement, more of growth and resting spanning the longer range of the cycle. Personal life cycles exist within thisContinue reading “Equinox Cycle 12-21-2012”

Ascended Masters

We have more unseen help than seen and this is changing as more and more people connect to their inner divine innate awareness, this will be more apparent. Cellular structures are changing internally and a number of Earth grids are being re-calibrated, which are accessed by you on a quantum level. Activated through your thoughts,Continue reading “Ascended Masters”

The Threefold Flame

The threefold flame is the spark of God that resides in your Heart; the internal hidden chamber that is the tabernacle where Life itself flourishes. The alter of the I AM THAT I AM that connects us to our Higher Self, the Angel of the Presence, which steps down the energy through our Christ Self.Continue reading “The Threefold Flame”

Healing With Intention

Thoughts are real things; prayers and meditations are real things and all generate quantum energy. As humans we are great at creating and transmitting this healing energy to others. Our Higher Selves assist us in magnetically connecting to the greater Universal stream of life energy and our thoughts transmit this healing power to those weContinue reading “Healing With Intention”