Ascension is Alchemy

Through understanding we are all vibrating within the same Source Field, which is a way of knowing that we are all connected and what’s more everthing else is as well. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual is in every aspect of the seen and the unseen, residing in this all inclusive vibration. Alchemy comes into the process when we seek the transitional state of being through Ascension, not just for ourselves, but All. The internal intention to do so is an agreement, a permission to engage the Higher Self with the purpose of knowing Freedom and taking the next octave up into our waking consciousness. This is usually done in steps so we can assimulate and hold an understanding of this journey, but it could be quite quick for some. The Ascension process will be different for each of us, because of what our Soul lessons are and what we have decided to learn this cycle. And, when you consider all of our collective cycles leading to this point of vibrational shift, the next octave, this is a most auspicious time for all of humanity. Each one of us carries our own experiences usually in a very complex and unique way, which denotes our struggles and our joys. It will be our collective desire to know our Devine selves that will raise everything to the next evolutionary level. So how does this happen?

Multiple paradigm shifts throughout each lifetime moves each of us toward a reunion of sorts to return to the Source of All things. The next octave of the Higher Self is just the next larger paradigm shift and from there infinite octaves beyond. This first one that has taken thousands of our years to reach this point at least in our human perception, is a huge accomplishment for mankind. Each person’s capacity to accept the tranformative movement they are experiencing will determine their awakening process. To understand our own Divinity, accept the vibration of the Source and see our roles in the Universal Plan through new eyes, is a magnificant accomplishment. As more Souls evolve and take responsibility for what they create and learn how to manage reality in a loving, kind and compassionate manner, a catalyst is poured into existence in the form of Light. The Light becomes an expotential creative force that evolves all things.

When you understand we create our own realities and much of that is by agreeing to the history of what and how things came into being. Our lives are embeded in the different cultures and societies we are partaking in through collective agreements, which forms and informs our realities supporting the need for daily stability. We feel safe with consistent beliefs and thoughts that create that continuity and when things are in flux we often find it uncomfortable and often fear generating. This fear is the glue that keeps us stuck in cycles of anxiousness, stress and disconnected from the truth. Now Truth is a big word to throw out there and is akin to Love in many ways. When your paradigm vision expands to the next level a transformation occurs and as the old understanding is assimilated, transmuted if you will, a new way of being becomes your new reality. Then a knowing of Truth is involved that surpasses the previous understanding, sometimes in a quick Aha! moment, which we may say is a degree of enlightenment. The point is this is all our own choice through our free will. What kind of world do you want to create?

The Alchemy of moving from a vibrational level of 33 to octave 44, that is the realm of your Higher Self; those 11 steps up the mountain that are impairative to reaching the ascension point of true Source connectivity. As we each move along the Path for ourselves we are also carrying the Light for many others, some we will meet and many we will not. It’s the nature of illumination, the Light that proceeds helps others to see. When our collective agreements reflect our Divinity the Kingdom will be realized.

May your brightness help many to see~

Published by kenneth1954

Born May 22, 1954 in Anchorage, Alaska. Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Boise State University 1978 and later with a Masters Degree in Art Therapy from Southwestern College, Santa Fe in 1995. I've worked in a number of communities in private and public mental health. After, retiring from the Idaho Department of Health & Wellfare in 2019. Currently, working as the CEO of Ascension Unity Movement in building a global community that will bring together philanthropists to support Health, Human Rights, Environmental Justice and Indigenous Wisdom. To promote wellbeing through compassionate action using sustainable and resilient methods.

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