New Beginnings

Just a few words about the New Aquarian Calendar, which started on 2014 as Year 1 and is a Numerological 7 year, a Spiritual number. This starting point was revealed by Kryon in a channel recently and past information has always been superb, so a revision on a previous post may be required. However; to jump to the present; it is the 8th year of this calendar and is a 5 year, indicating a year of many changes, which it has proven itself to be. Humanity has been high on the stress zone scale of many divides on multiple levels and facets of our lives with change being the norm. Unsettled situations, emotions and physical traumas are rampant in our world today, while the Earth itself mirrors it’s inhabitants in this symbiotic dance toward a higher frequency of Consciousness.

As we approach the 9th Aquarian Year many completions will be at hand on all levels, which is also in anticipation of many new beginnings. Since 2022 is a 6 year by the date, family will become foremost in this time. Personal family relationships are in the spotlight and how we chose to interact with them. Found family as in rediscovering the connections too others around the world will increase. Consciousness that moves inward to find your Higher Self and taps the energies of unexpected vibrations that brings a Knowing that may not be explainable. Increased interest in all the humans that make up Humanity, with greater compassion and especially compassionate action will create a new reality for us all. When we take care of the Planet and those beings upon it, the Light will transmute issues we did not think earlier could be balanced or solved.

The 22 inside the 2022 indicates a year of building, reconstruction, renewal and transformation not just in family structures, but many institutions that no longer serve as they were intended. 22 is a Master Builder number and manifests changes in the physical world as indicated by the derived practical, earthy 4. This brings tangible progress as well as etheric shifts in our connecting to our Devine Selves, the Christ Consciousness that raises our vibration and all those around us. It’s not that there will not be tribulations and serious challenges, but that we will be better prepared to engage them. We will know the right path and thing to do when our internal frequencies are aligned to our Higher Selves; which will begin to resonate with others on their spiritual journey. We have more help that is unseen, than seen. And so it is ~

Published by kenneth1954

Born May 22, 1954 in Anchorage, Alaska. Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Boise State University 1978 and later with a Masters Degree in Art Therapy from Southwestern College, Santa Fe in 1995. I've worked in a number of communities in private and public mental health. After, retiring from the Idaho Department of Health & Wellfare in 2019. Currently, working as the CEO of Ascension Unity Movement in building a global community that will bring together philanthropists to support Health, Human Rights, Environmental Justice and Indigenous Wisdom. To promote wellbeing through compassionate action using sustainable and resilient methods.

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