This date is a marker and signifier, a sounding of the bell, a call to your inner being to re-create the world you manifest; to bring forth the Master Builder within your Divine Self. The resonance of the hearts of many worldwide that hold the increasing energy of the three-fold-flame that resides in every heart, coming to a greater Unity. The Power, Wisdom and Love rays expand through your desire to connect with your Higher Self and the I AM Presence. This Light that you hold and steward is attracting others that are vibrating at continuingly higher rates and this magnetic vibration attracts those with the same inner spiritual resonance.

We will find it easier to recognise, connect and communicate with those souls as our intuitive and telepathic gifts increase through our consciousness. 02.22.2022 is saying it is time to bring the Family together, the Brotherhood and Sisterhood through our collective hearts and minds. A time to embrace Earth-Babajeran as our sacred planetary Mother. We are all going through this evolution together.

Use the the powerful tools you have, the Violet Flame of Saint Germain to transmute the lower vibrations and purify your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. Use it to help manifest a world of compassion, mercy, grace and to gain your own Ascension. There are more resources on the planet today than ever before and many Ascended Masters are here to help usher in this New Golden Age. The next post will list some of these resources as I have found and there are many more, but your greatest resource is yourself. Be your own Guru and know your thoughts manifest form. And so it is.

Published by kenneth1954

Born May 22, 1954 in Anchorage, Alaska. Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Boise State University 1978 and later with a Masters Degree in Art Therapy from Southwestern College, Santa Fe in 1995. I've worked in a number of communities in private and public mental health. After, retiring from the Idaho Department of Health & Wellfare in 2019. Currently, working as the CEO of Ascension Unity Movement in building a global community that will bring together philanthropists to support Health, Human Rights, Environmental Justice and Indigenous Wisdom. To promote wellbeing through compassionate action using sustainable and resilient methods.

2 thoughts on “02.22.2022

  1. I just discovered your site, and must say it is a pleasure to read what you have written. I wish you well and hope to see more of your thoughts and perspectives. Blessings, Dana


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