Ascended Masters

We have more unseen help than seen and this is changing as more and more people connect to their inner divine innate awareness, this will be more apparent. Cellular structures are changing internally and a number of Earth grids are being re-calibrated, which are accessed by you on a quantum level. Activated through your thoughts, intentions and the free will of your acceptance more Light becomes available and your alignment with the above moves closer to Harmony.

More Ascended Masters have made their teachings known for several thousand years, more so over the past hundred. Since 1987, more information has been made available than any other time in human history for so many of us. As time speeds up and the vibratory frequency increases so has the flow of this information through books, articles, and numerous organizations. The Internet has made this information assessable worldwide so we can all partake of it. You can find your own threads when you investigate and find what you know is the truth.

I’m going to share a few of those resources today, which you can easily find, but there are many more to research if you want to go much further back. Personally, I am choosing more forward than back in information gathering than forty years ago, precisely because so much is coming in now its easy to get bogged down. I will list a few below:

Gautama Buddha; Jesus Christ; Mother Mary; Saint Germain; El Morya; Kuthumi; Sananda; Sanat Kumara; Serapis Bey; Djwal Kul; Kuan Yin; Lanello; Lanto; Maitreya; Paul the Venetian; Meru; Lady Master Nada; Ruth Hawkins, and many more; All Ascended Masters.

I particularly want to acknowledge Archangel Michael along with many others that serve with the Ascended Masters for the benefit of Mankind through the Light of Love.

Peace and Harmony be with you.


9:00 AM

This is a call to those that want to make a difference in their world by coming together at 9:00 AM in prayer and meditation. The time zone does not matter since the energetic is to establish a wave of Light and Love that will move all around the Earth. What you add to this effort to create goodwill and connectivity to humanity on this planet truly has a positive influence. In ways that are not intellectually comprehended, you will through your Heart feel a knowing that is a most worthy thing to do.

As so many are isolated, in distress and fearful around the globe, for whatever reason; we can all help each other through humanitarian compassionate thought. By projecting our caring, loving brother/sisterhood that wishes wellbeing and peace on others, we make a difference.

Personally, I am dedicating this time as a daily practice and hope you can join me.

For the Greatest Good of All

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This date is a marker and signifier, a sounding of the bell, a call to your inner being to re-create the world you manifest; to bring forth the Master Builder within your Divine Self. The resonance of the hearts of many worldwide that hold the increasing energy of the three-fold-flame that resides in every heart, coming to a greater Unity. The Power, Wisdom and Love rays expand through your desire to connect with your Higher Self and the I AM Presence. This Light that you hold and steward is attracting others that are vibrating at continuingly higher rates and this magnetic vibration attracts those with the same inner spiritual resonance.

We will find it easier to recognise, connect and communicate with those souls as our intuitive and telepathic gifts increase through our consciousness. 02.22.2022 is saying it is time to bring the Family together, the Brotherhood and Sisterhood through our collective hearts and minds. A time to embrace Earth-Babajeran as our sacred planetary Mother. We are all going through this evolution together.

Use the the powerful tools you have, the Violet Flame of Saint Germain to transmute the lower vibrations and purify your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. Use it to help manifest a world of compassion, mercy, grace and to gain your own Ascension. There are more resources on the planet today than ever before and many Ascended Masters are here to help usher in this New Golden Age. The next post will list some of these resources as I have found and there are many more, but your greatest resource is yourself. Be your own Guru and know your thoughts manifest form. And so it is.

New Beginnings

Just a few words about the New Aquarian Calendar, which started on 2014 as Year 1 and is a Numerological 7 year, a Spiritual number. This starting point was revealed by Kryon in a channel recently and past information has always been superb, so a revision on a previous post may be required. However; to jump to the present; it is the 8th year of this calendar and is a 5 year, indicating a year of many changes, which it has proven itself to be. Humanity has been high on the stress zone scale of many divides on multiple levels and facets of our lives with change being the norm. Unsettled situations, emotions and physical traumas are rampant in our world today, while the Earth itself mirrors it’s inhabitants in this symbiotic dance toward a higher frequency of Consciousness.

As we approach the 9th Aquarian Year many completions will be at hand on all levels, which is also in anticipation of many new beginnings. Since 2022 is a 6 year by the date, family will become foremost in this time. Personal family relationships are in the spotlight and how we chose to interact with them. Found family as in rediscovering the connections too others around the world will increase. Consciousness that moves inward to find your Higher Self and taps the energies of unexpected vibrations that brings a Knowing that may not be explainable. Increased interest in all the humans that make up Humanity, with greater compassion and especially compassionate action will create a new reality for us all. When we take care of the Planet and those beings upon it, the Light will transmute issues we did not think earlier could be balanced or solved.

The 22 inside the 2022 indicates a year of building, reconstruction, renewal and transformation not just in family structures, but many institutions that no longer serve as they were intended. 22 is a Master Builder number and manifests changes in the physical world as indicated by the derived practical, earthy 4. This brings tangible progress as well as etheric shifts in our connecting to our Devine Selves, the Christ Consciousness that raises our vibration and all those around us. It’s not that there will not be tribulations and serious challenges, but that we will be better prepared to engage them. We will know the right path and thing to do when our internal frequencies are aligned to our Higher Selves; which will begin to resonate with others on their spiritual journey. We have more help that is unseen, than seen. And so it is ~

Ascension is Alchemy

Through understanding we are all vibrating within the same Source Field, which is a way of knowing that we are all connected and what’s more everthing else is as well. The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual is in every aspect of the seen and the unseen, residing in this all inclusive vibration. Alchemy comes into the process when we seek the transitional state of being through Ascension, not just for ourselves, but All. The internal intention to do so is an agreement, a permission to engage the Higher Self with the purpose of knowing Freedom and taking the next octave up into our waking consciousness. This is usually done in steps so we can assimulate and hold an understanding of this journey, but it could be quite quick for some. The Ascension process will be different for each of us, because of what our Soul lessons are and what we have decided to learn this cycle. And, when you consider all of our collective cycles leading to this point of vibrational shift, the next octave, this is a most auspicious time for all of humanity. Each one of us carries our own experiences usually in a very complex and unique way, which denotes our struggles and our joys. It will be our collective desire to know our Devine selves that will raise everything to the next evolutionary level. So how does this happen?

Multiple paradigm shifts throughout each lifetime moves each of us toward a reunion of sorts to return to the Source of All things. The next octave of the Higher Self is just the next larger paradigm shift and from there infinite octaves beyond. This first one that has taken thousands of our years to reach this point at least in our human perception, is a huge accomplishment for mankind. Each person’s capacity to accept the tranformative movement they are experiencing will determine their awakening process. To understand our own Divinity, accept the vibration of the Source and see our roles in the Universal Plan through new eyes, is a magnificant accomplishment. As more Souls evolve and take responsibility for what they create and learn how to manage reality in a loving, kind and compassionate manner, a catalyst is poured into existence in the form of Light. The Light becomes an expotential creative force that evolves all things.

When you understand we create our own realities and much of that is by agreeing to the history of what and how things came into being. Our lives are embeded in the different cultures and societies we are partaking in through collective agreements, which forms and informs our realities supporting the need for daily stability. We feel safe with consistent beliefs and thoughts that create that continuity and when things are in flux we often find it uncomfortable and often fear generating. This fear is the glue that keeps us stuck in cycles of anxiousness, stress and disconnected from the truth. Now Truth is a big word to throw out there and is akin to Love in many ways. When your paradigm vision expands to the next level a transformation occurs and as the old understanding is assimilated, transmuted if you will, a new way of being becomes your new reality. Then a knowing of Truth is involved that surpasses the previous understanding, sometimes in a quick Aha! moment, which we may say is a degree of enlightenment. The point is this is all our own choice through our free will. What kind of world do you want to create?

The Alchemy of moving from a vibrational level of 33 to octave 44, that is the realm of your Higher Self; those 11 steps up the mountain that are impairative to reaching the ascension point of true Source connectivity. As we each move along the Path for ourselves we are also carrying the Light for many others, some we will meet and many we will not. It’s the nature of illumination, the Light that proceeds helps others to see. When our collective agreements reflect our Divinity the Kingdom will be realized.

May your brightness help many to see~

Equinox Cycle 12-21-2012

All numerological cycles flow like a wave with an up cycle of 9 years and a down cycle of 9 years. This is not to be viewed as a polarized flow, but in a natural seasonal movement, more of growth and resting spanning the longer range of the cycle. Personal life cycles exist within this larger context and can be refined down to years, months, days or expanded out through the decades, centuries and beyond. There is always a form of growth present whether in activity or rest. It is a matter of where each individual is in their evolving process.

We are currently in a very unique position to answer the 11:11 call and the spiritual growth available too us as Divine sentient beings. This Equinox cycle is a 36-year formation of our consciousness that will allow us many new possibilities if we chose to engage our True selves. There are four 9’s between the 12-21-2012 date that flow until 2048 with our halfway point being 2030, both years representing a number 5, which represents Change, the 2021 year we are in now. What those changes will be like we will discover together as our consciousness shifts.

We are moving from a 33 vibrational consciousness to a frequency toward 44, which will open up many new gifts along the way. Since we will need to let go of the old paradigms that contain thought forms that are no longer useful any more in promoting this evolutionary shift; our equilibrium will be thrown off. The physical, emotional, mental and physical human being will be thrown off balance to varying degrees while we learn how to function within these changing vibrations. Also keep in mind the planet is also on this journey with us or better stated, we with it.

As a spiritual community we are here to support each other as we continue to recognize ‘Family’ next door and around the globe. Know you are Worthy, seek Joy and laughter, experience your Wisdom, engage Compassionate Action, find your Balance and Create the new reality through your Consciousness. In Synchronicity ~ Kenneth

Happy Solstice

On this Winter Solstice 12-21-2020 there are some amazing astronomical events occuring. In Flagstaff, Arizona the Lowell Observatory will be focused on The Great Conjunction and will livestream this observation at 5:00 PM MST. This is the first time since 1226 AD that Jupiter and Saturn are aligned with this planet to appear as together having the appearance of a single star.

Astrologically, this is what many call, “The Christmas Star” or “The Star of Bethlehem” and it will be in the sign of Aquarius with many positive energies that will affect the evolution of consciousness.

Much more information can be found at AstrologyWithGovinda.com; which, I treasure as a site to be profound and loving in nature.

Have a Wonderous Day


Spirit as 179992 converts to 37, which is 10 then 1. All the numbers are significant and take special note of the three nines. Light as 39782 converts to 29, which is 11 then 2. The 1 represents the Power of God as the etheric Devine Source of all energy in existence, the original spark of Consciousness, the Thought that organizes the creative force. The 2 bursts forth as the Creative Giver, the birth of matter into the reality of the Universe as we know it. The Soul of all souls is the Mother of Consciousness that solidifies the numerous realities through the Creative force of Being.

” The primorial light, vibrating beneath the divine impulse, contains the essence of all souls, the spiritual type of all being.” – Pythagoras

I AM here, I AM here, I AM here


The number 11 is known as the “Spiritual Messenger” whether it is seen in your environment or exists as part of your name. It has meaning and serves as a wake -up call to you, a trigger for claiming that you are a Spiritual Being having a Human experience. It’s a nudge toward a higher vibration of awareness, a bell that rings indicating that your consciousness is coming into a new paradigm.

When you see 11:11 how does it make you feel? What does your intuition tell you? Do you get any kind of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual reaction? If you do have something notable take a mental note of it and any subsequent occurrences.

Happy 11:11 day-